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Competitor Analysis and Competitive Intelligence – and related topics such as competitor research, mystery shopping and CX (Customer Experience) – are the focus of this blog

The views expressed herein are those of the author and are based on real-world events and experiences. The reader can be assured that the contents are authentic and easily transferrable to any research studies you may be considering.

We hope that the reader will enjoy and benefit from the content provided in this blog

Competitor Analysis, Competitive intelligence, mystery shopping, market intelligence, competitor research: these terms describe a set of unique research methodologies that provide insights for managers to develop and implement strategic and tactical plans.

These Competitor Analysis methodologies are designed to provide real-world and real-time experiences as seen through the eyes of clients, sales and customer service reps, suppliers, distributors and competitors.

These insights simply cannot be provided through quantitative and qualitative research, which depend on data gathered after the client-vendor experience, also known as CX or Customer Experience.

Providing senior managers and decision-makers with real-world and real-time client-vendor experiences (CX or customer experience) is what sets CI apart from traditional market research. It is this vital intelligence that can be used to guide and inform decision-makers as they seek ways to better serve their clients, outsmart their competitors, and avoid getting blindsided by unexpected events.

The blog posts will discuss a number of real world events describing how Competitor Analysis and its associated research methodologies were able to provide important insights that were completely missed by traditional quantitative research, Big Data and many other ‘flavor-of-the-month’ methodologies that failed to pick intricate details of the customer-vendor relationship.

These details included:

  • weaknesses in the product offering that were exploited by competitors;
  • what customers and competitors were saying about client companies;
  • what customers really think about vendors (including your company);
  • new, unknown competitors that have entered a market and threatened the established players.

This is why industry leaders turn to Competitor Analysis for guidance for many key strategic and corporate decision-making. These decision-makers and industry leaders are the targeted audience for Competitor Analysis Blog.

For further information on our competitor analysis, market research and competitive intelligence services, or any of the other services provided by Customer Foresight, please do not hesitate to contact us directly by phone (416-651-0143), by email at [email protected] or by filling out the contact form.

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