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Competitive Intelligence, Mystery Shopping, Competitor Analysis

& War Gaming:

Improving the customer’s experience

Competitive Intelligence: Professional, Thorough, Ethical, with In-depth Analysis

Competitive Intelligence is the ethical gathering, compiling, analysis and presentation of information on key factors that impact the profitability of a specific company or industry.

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Our Competitive Intelligence services include competitor analysis, mystery shopping, customer experience and war gaming. Our research services focus on the competitor offerings: pricing, product and service offerings, target markets, locations, distribution channels, size of sales force, suppliers, business partners, etc.

Other factors that can impact a company or industry include:

Changing demographics

New technologies

Cost of raw materials

Availability& cost of labour


Cost of entry

Backgrounds and experience of senior executives

Typical methodologies used in Competitive Intelligence include:


Secondary/online research

Mystery shops

market research company canada

Keys to Success

The keys to success in Competitive Intelligence is intellectual curiosity and observation: intellectual curiosity is to go beyond the list of questions set for the study and to ask that extra probing question(s) that provides the client with a new insight and perspective; and observation which can mean listening closely to what is being said versus what is being done at the competitor’s location.

Customer Foresight Group has had the privilege of working as the primary Competitive Intelligence consultant, or as the subcontractor, for a number of significant companies, including:

Moneris Solutions
Ingersoll Rand
Temple Translation
Superior Propane
Look Oven Bags
OmniTouch International
Federal Express Canada
American Automobile Association

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