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Customized Market Research and Competitive Intelligence Sets Us Apart As A Boutique Research and Intelligence Provider

Our customized Market Research & Competitive Intelligence services make us different.

Being better by being different is a good thing.

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Customer Foresight Group, Limited (CFG) was established in March, 1999. Our objective is to provide business clients with in-depth analysis and actionable market intelligence insights. We achieve this through customized market research, mystery shopping and competitive intelligence services.

The company is headed by its managing director and principal consultant, Enrico Codogno. He has been a research professional since 1984. As a former member of the Marketing Research and Intelligence Association, Enrico published numerous articles on competitive intelligence and mystery shopping. Enrico continues to provide his insights on market research and competitive intelligence via his blog, articles and presentations at major industry events.

Along with a select team of partners in Canada, CFG also has established market research partnerships in the United States, Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Customer Foresight Group has the ability to carry out market research projects in different parts of the globe.

Since its founding, CFG has developed as a unique brand: a boutique market research and competitive intelligence firm with international capabilities and decades of experience.

Being a small company, we are able to provide clients with a more direct and customized service.

Unlike the big companies, we do not use “one size fits all” templates in our research projects and reports.

Our clients are not boxed into predetermined templates.

Each project is customized to meet the market research needs of the client.