Accuracy Is Our Specialty

Our main strength in market research is analysis; the ability to take the fog out of the raw data and present decision-makers with the clarity of actionable intelligence.

Competitor Research

Competitor Research & Analysis: the ethical gathering, compiling, analysis and presentation of insights on key factors impacting your company’s sales and marketing efforts.

Market Research

Quantitative market research and qualitative market research are a set of methodologies that most clients use to measure their performance in meeting customer needs and expectations.

B2B Mystery Shopping

B2B Mystery Shopping provides a real-world understanding customer experience, specifically, the interaction between a buyer and a seller, between a competitor and your customer base.

Our Process

We strive to make your market research experience as smooth and stress-free as possible.
1. Define Timeframe

1. Define Timeframe

We meet with you to discuss your research needs, including timing of project.

2. Solution Development

2. Solution Development

We work with to develop the best solution for your market research needs.

3. Framework

3. Framework

We develop the framework for the project, including team leads, data requirements and milestones.

4. Project Launch

4. Project Launch

The project is launched. But we always keeps the lines of communication open to provide updates and discuss any modifications you may want to make.

Global Reach

We have the ability to carry out market research projects in different parts of the globe. Since its founding, CFG has developed as a unique brand: a boutique research firm focusing on B2B market research, specifically Competitor Research & Analysis and B2B Mystery Shopping.

Global Reach
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Custom Solutions

As a boutique research company, we are able to provide clients with a more direct and customized service. Unlike many research companies, we do not make your research objectives fit into one research methodology. We are not a “one trick pony.” Our clients are not boxed into predetermined templates. Each project is customized to meet your specific needs.

Why Us

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to provide primary market research that is customized to meet the research needs and strategic objectives of each client. We specialize in B2B Competitor Research and Mystery Shopping. Our success depends on our ability to provide insights that other research companies miss. Your success is our success.

Our Values

Our market research methodologies are legal and ethical. We will never put our reputation at risk by engaging in any market research activity that is considered either illegal or unethical. And we will definitely not put your company’s reputation at risk.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be best at what we do: Competitor Research & Analysis. Second best is not good enough for us. We know it’s not good enough for you.

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