Enrico Codogno

Market Research Professional

Enrico Codogno has been a Competitive Intelligence and Market Research professional since 1984. He began his career in traditional market research (surveys and focus groups) but he later expanded his expertise to include Competitive Intelligence and related research methodologies.

As a result,  Enrico now specializes in Competitor Analysis and B2B Mystery Shopping, a very important niche in the market research profession.

Prior to establishing Customer Foresight Group in 1999, Enrico was responsible for establishing and managing market research and competitive intelligence units at Livingston International, Pitney Bowes Canada, and Canada Life.

Based on high quality work and customized research techniques, Enrico established long-standing consultant-client relations with such companies as Scotiabank, Allstream, Achievers, Canadian Scholarship Trust Fund, Tektronix, Federal Express Canada, and many other well-known companies.

Enrico understands that each client and each project are unique. Accordingly, research methodologies are selected that are best suited to obtaining the data and insights that a client requires. Enrico also ensures that communications with clients are frequent, so clients are updated and informed during each stage of research project. This allows the client to ask questions or make modifications to the research as the project develops.

Enrico Codogno has built his reputation by providing high quality work, professional ethics and leadership that is based on his intellectual curiosity and attention to detail.

Enrico Codogno was a long-time member of the Marketing Research & Intelligence Association, and wrote numerous articles for its publication, Vue.

He is now maintaining his position as thought leader in Competitor Research and B2B Mystery Shopping by writing a blog on his website. He shares these articles on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Enrico Codogno is currently the President and Principal Consultant at Customer Foresight Group, Limited, a company he founded in March 1999.



Enrico Codogno, Founder