Each project is customized. We listen to your research requirements and develop a data gathering strategy that meets your needs. Whether it is by online survey, mystery shopping or in-depth interviewing, we will use the fieldwork methodology that is best suited to get the insights you need.

Yes, mystery shopping is both ethical and legal. It is one of the most frequently used data gathering methodologies. It is applicable to both consumer and business products and services. Our experience shows that mystery shopping often provides insights that are missed by other data gathering methodologies.

Customer Foresight was established in 1999 – more than 20 years ago. The principal consultant has been a market research professional for more than 35 years.

In recent years, the main reason customers come to us is because they are facing challenges from one or more competitors and they want to know what their competitors are doing to be successful, and they also want to know how their company stacks up against the competition.

You can look at the articles in our News section of our website. All those articles are based on projects the company has completed since 1999.

Customer Foresight primarily covers the three major countries of North America: Canada, United States and Mexico. However, through our allies we can cover Asia-Pacific and western Europe.

First, we recruit them according to the demographic profile required for the project. Second, we vet them to ensure that they are who they say they are (e.g. LinkedIn) and whether they have mystery shop experience. Third, we prepare them for the project to make sure they carry out their objectives as easily as possible. Fourth, we debrief them carefully to get insights that may otherwise be missed.

Leading questions that make the respondents seem for satisfied with their experience than they really are. The validity and quality of responses are dependent on the respondents’ memories of a past event. Self-censorship: Some respondents are averse to give negative answers. The analysis of the survey may be biased against negative responses or comments, downplaying or ignoring them completely.

Why is the project necessary?
What are the objectives of the project?
What will be the sources of information?
Who will use the information gained from the project?
How will the information be used?

What if the research uncovers something unexpected, something that goes against everything we think we know? Will we have the courage to deal with it professionally?

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