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Qualitative Market Research

(Mystery Shopping, Focus Groups & In-depth Interviews: Drill Deep into Customer Experience)

Mystery Shopping, and other Qualitative Market Research methodologies, is the gathering, compiling and analysis of unstructured data.

These methodologies can be used for understanding customer experience, product idea generation and testing, and the gathering of in-depth information on specific subject matters.

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Qualitative market research is used to get in-depth information on Customer Experience (CX) at the retail level.

It can be used to gather feedback for new product concepts from prospective customers.

Qualitative Research is an excellent tool for exploring the unique observations of respondents working in specialized professions (like lawyers, physicians, and dentists).

Customer Foresight Group provides the following methodologies for Qualitative Market Research studies:

Mystery Shopping
Focus groups
In-depth Interviews (One-on-one interviews)

Customer Foresight Group has had the privilege of working as the primary Qualitative Research consultant, or as the subcontractor, for a number of significant companies, including:

General Mills (Nature Valley)
University of Arizona (Arctic Study, Canadian Segment)
Auto Workers Community Credit Union
market research company canada

Generating Ideas Using Qualitative Market Research

Mystery Shopping, Focus groups & In-Depth Interviews

Mystery shopping provides a real-world understanding of the customer journey. The focus is on the interaction between customers and sales reps. Specifically, you will be able to understand what sales reps are saying to sell competitor products and what the competition (and your customer base) is saying about your company and its offerings.

Focus groups can be used to generate ideas, test concepts (including food testing), and uncover insights into customer experiences that other research methodologies cannot find. Customer Foresight Group is allied with experienced moderators and facilities that can provide your company with the insights needed to stand out from the competition.

In-depth interviews are especially effective when seeking information from professionals and hard-to-reach demographic groups that rarely participate in market research. We have specially trained and experienced interviewers who conduct themselves professionally and are able to ask probing questions to elicit the insights that our clients are looking for.