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Quantitative Market Research

Quantitative Market Research is the research methodology that is most often used by companies who want to monitor their performance in meeting the needs and expectations of their customers.


Most people are familiar with quantitative market research methodologies: Respondents are asked to complete a questionnaire over the phone or online, and sometimes face-to-face with an interviewer.

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Quantitative market research often used to gather information on customer satisfaction. It is also useful in uncovering business opportunities as a result of finding service and product gaps observed by respondents.

Customer Foresight Group provides the following methodologies for Quantitative Market Research studies:

Telephone surveys

Online surveys

In-store intercepts

exit-store interviews

The key to a successful quantitative research study is in the analysis, the ability to extract actionable intelligence from raw data.

While software plays an important part in data analysis, it is the skill and experience that comes from decades of data analysis that enables the discovery of new insights that can make a client company more successful in meeting the needs of its clients.

Customer Foresight Group has had the privilege of working as the primary Quantitative Research consultant, or as the subcontractor, for a number of significant companies. Clients we have served include: Canadian Scholarship Trust Plan, IGI Wax, St. Paul Fire & Marine Insurance, Higgins & Burke and Leyhausen Group.